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  • Data sharing leads agriculture to the next stage.


Collaborate with Others, Share & Provide Data Conveniently.

We are now building an "Agricultural Data Collaboration Platform" for everyone involved in agriculture.
It provides useful data and facilitates data sharing.
This platform will help people engaged in agriculture improve their productivity and management.
*(Data platform)
In August 2017, we established "Agricultural Data Collaboration Platform Council",
to allow various interests to participate in the data platform.
This makes it available to participants from distribution to consumption,
as well as those at agriculture production sites.

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You can use the "WAGRI User Interface" to view and update various kinds of agriculture-related data.
The system includes information about each aspect of agricultural working conditions, as well as weather,
geographic data, maps, etc. provided by private businesses, organizations, government offices etc.
You can use all this information and the resources that facilitate sharing data to improve your agriculture business.
What’s more, information held by agricultural organizations and individual farmers and data acquired by IoT-equipped agricultural machines, sensors, etc.
can be provided to other organizations for a fee or free of charge.
This makes the APIs provided by WAGRI more widely available and hence more valuable to the agriculture sector.

  • The Weather APIThe Weather API
  • The Agricultural APIThe Agricultural API
  • The Map APIThe Map API
  • Growth  Prediction APIGrowth Prediction API
  • The Soil APIThe Soil API
What are WAGRI APIs