Providing new APIs

You can develop your own API and provide it to other members of your company and to other member companies using the WAGRI platform.
By using a combination of your company’s & another company’s data and/or API, you can use horizontally integrated data on your company's system.

What kinds of data are available?
What kinds of data are available?
  • · Public data on the platform
  • · Proprietary data that is made available on the platform
  • · External API data (a gateway to an external API)
Public API
If you develop an API to access your company’s data and other existing data, you can provide it on the WAGRI platform.
If you provide data owned by your company through an API, that data can be used in agricultural ICT (Information and Communication Technologies).
Private API
You can develop and provide proprietary APIs that use both public or private data.
You can also create APIs that are only used on your own system and build server APIs to connect your system to the WAGRI platform.
You can also offer your APIs as a paid solution for specific companies, therefore, monetize your APIs.

WAGRI platform infrastructure

All WAGRI platforms are maintained in the cloud.
You can enjoy the benefits of the cloud, including massive data access, scalable responses to large data, robust tolerance against data loss due to redundancy, and the automatic application of the latest OS / software security patches.
Since it is unnecessary to construct a server to provide an API, it costs very little to construct and maintain your own API.

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