The advantages of WAGRI’s unique data platform

Abundant data availability
You can refer to and update various data on weather, land, map information, etc. provided by private companies, organizations, government agencies etc. using our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The APIs on the WAGRI platform have the following provisions and usage regulations.
  • APIs registered by other member companies can be used at their discretion either free of charge or by paying a fee.
  • ・APIs developed by your company can be used by other staff members at your company.
  • · APIs developed by your company can be provided to other member companies for a fee or free of charge.
Synergy: The integration of applications in different ways
Combining and using existing data and existing APIs expands the possibilities of the systems. Data that once had to be acquired from multiple data sources & systems in the past can now be integrated on the WAGRI platform, which performs smooth data system integration. A higher-added-value system is thereby created. Data and APIs owned by your company can also be posted on the WAGRI platform. A wide variety of data provided by your company can be used by the same means as data from other companies. Thus, the WAGRI platform achieves “pseudo-horizontal data integration”.
Platform construction environment
The WAGRI platform is stored “in the cloud,” so it can provide flexible scalability even for access to huge amounts of data by large numbers of users. The OS and software are periodically updated to the latest versions and the latest security patches are applied.

Steps to using our APIs


Join the us and became a member

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Membership application


Examination for qualification & notice of membership

After we receive your membership application, we will carefully examine it and send you a confirmation e-mail.


Completion of enrollment by sending back the user registration you receive with our e-mail

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List of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

The Weather API

There is an API that refers and updates weather-related data. The Japanese Meteorological Agency and private weather companies provide historical weather, forecast and rainfall data.

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The Soil API

There is an API that deals with soil data. We will handle soil data provided by the Agricultural Research Organization and others.

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The Agricultural API

There is an API to refer to and update data related to farmland, such as agricultural land areas, types of agricultural land, etc. Field data from public organizations and private companies that possess such data will be provided.

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The Map API

There is an API to refer to and update data on field shapes and other map data. Map data will be provided from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and from private companies.

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Growth Prediction API

This API allows you to access and update data on the prediction of agricultural crop growth. There is an API to predict the growth of agricultural crops based on the master data and Big Data collected by the IoT using AI, etc.

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Master API

There are APIs that refer to and update various kinds of master data. We have a list of agricultural crops, pesticides etc. and various related master data.

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Others API

There is an API to refer to and update various kinds of data which do not fall into any specific category.

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